Biodigester Plant

MAK Group of  company have ventured into the booming business of Eco-toilets popularly known as Bio digester. We shall design, manufacture and supply a Biodigester system that can replace any of conventional toilet systems.Click Here- You want to see this video

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  • 1970-Designed a new model telephone instrument.
  • 1973- Registered MAK controls.
  • First project-Designing of ring frame machine.
  • 1976-Presented the Design of ASU.
  • 1992-Brought GPU into national focus.
  • Kerala government contacted to make indigenous aerobridges.
  • American aviation consultants tied up to induct MAK technologies to US


  • 1990 - Rotary Club of Coimbatore (Metropolis) - Vocational Excellence Award.
  • 1995 - SIATI-Award for Excellence in Aerospace.
  • 2003 - Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee.
  • 2013-CMA-Mahendra - Best SME Entrepreneur Award.