My Vision

I have the following VISION. I want to achieve ASAP so that I will have the satisfaction of doing something good for the people (God’s Children) before I am taken away from Mother Earth. I have been a creative engineer for the past 41 years in military and aero-space environment. With all the knowledge and experience I gained I am positive that my VISIONS are realistic and achievable.

A. Water for all:

This is to fulfill my childhood dream of giving water to farmers to save their crop from withering due to paucity or timely rain. When we implement this program, by default, we can give pure water right from the source for drinking and domestic use on 24/7 basis for all homes through pipe lines

B. Farmers Welfare:

I have a plan and when implemented, it will benefit the farmers and farm workers who together add to 70% of our population. This would eradicate poverty and improve standard of life.

This plan will accomplish:

  • Farmer (Land Owners) to earn at least Rs 1.00 lac / acre / year after meeting all the expenses and this should be income tax free.
  • Every farmer is be given crop insurance. The premium would be affordable.
  • Every farmer is an entrepreneur. The farmers give most of employment to people.The farm workers would be given:
    a) A living quarters with all amenities like power, Bio Toilet with solar water heater, separate bedroom, hall and kitchen with wood stove and free fire wood etc.
    b) Free education to children in a public school or college with good coaching to ensuring good education by meeting all expense like uniform, books, school, tuition and coaching fees.
    c) Free medical and accidental insurance.
    d) Free milk from the farm
    e) Free vegetables from the farm
    f) Free TV and Wi-Fi
    g) 10% share in profit if it is under corporate sector. This fund will be given for building their future benefits.
    h) Pay linked to productivity with ability to earn minimum of Rs 750 per pair of Husband and wife (Rs 500 + 250) which is excluding all the free facilities mentioned above.
    i) PF as per the eligible norms and encourage savings for future.
    j) Teach Yoga and give them the benefit of enjoying hard farm work without alcohol leading to a healthy family life.

C. Education and Health Care for people all over the world:

Free Education and health care should be Citizens birth right and Govt should aid and run institutions effectively to ensure this.

1. Education:

Give free and quality education and produce candidates ready to accept jobs in industry and responsibilities in society. To achieve this,

  • All Public schools are to be run or monitored by corporates or CSR activists and ensure education on par with private schools.
  • All Public Colleges are to be attached monitored by corporate sector or CSR activists to ensure standards on par with international colleges
  • Start more public schools and colleges and ensure 100% literacy
  • All Private schools and colleges are to raise standards and meet the prescribed norms.
  • All education is to be made free up to Graduate level and pay study fund for completing post-graduation if they opt for higher studies
  • Education of Yoga and teaching basics of life to be made compulsory and be taught from school and up to college and build a good society.
  • Create a job center to monitor all students to ensure that they get practical training in various environments and get them a job when passed out from educational institutions.

2. Health care:

  • As a preventive measure Every Citizen / child should learn Yoga. This should be taught in schools and colleges as compulsory subject. They should also be taught basics of body science and nature cure.
  • Every citizens should be taught on basic health care and how to prevent disease emphasizing
    “prevention is better than cure”

D. Good Governance:

I want to reform Political system so that people with public service in mind only can become leaders and not the people wanting to amaze wealth using unfair practices as in the past.

Majority of my well-wishers felt that my vision is not practical considering the current political situation in India. But I am optimistic and if required I will enter in to politics or in to a decision making Govt body that help achieve my mission to march towards my vision.


  • 1970-Designed a new model telephone instrument.
  • 1973- Registered MAK controls.
  • First project-Designing of ring frame machine.
  • 1976-Presented the Design of ASU.
  • 1992-Brought GPU into national focus.
  • Kerala government contacted to make indigenous aerobridges.
  • American aviation consultants tied up to induct MAK technologies to US


  • 1990 - Rotary Club of Coimbatore (Metropolis) - Vocational Excellence Award.
  • 1995 - SIATI-Award for Excellence in Aerospace.
  • 2003 - Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee.
  • 2013-CMA-Mahendra - Best SME Entrepreneur Award.